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Macbeth- Film Concept
By: Rajab Hassani
Director: Seth Macfarlane

For my film Man Up, an African American version of Shakespeare’s successful and most adored play, Macbeth, I chose Seth Macfarlane as a director. I know your probably thinking why Seth MacFarlane? Well the answer is simple, Seth Macfarlane is a director and the creator of three of the most popular and loved T.V shows which includes Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show wherein he screenwriters, does the voicing and writes songs for his shows . Seth Macfarlane is one of the hardest working directors in the world who can do just about anything, from animation, screenwriting to being a producer and a voice actor. Unlike other directors, Seth Macfarlane has a unique and fun approach to works wherein he wins most of his audiences and lives them wanting more. I picked him because as stated above, he’s a multi tasker and has experience in just about everything that involves films. Another reason is the connection he has with his audiences through his work. An example is his first and recent movie, ted which not only touched the audience emotionally but was a box office wherein it opened the highest weekend gross of all time for comedy.

Macbeth: Will Smith
For the Macbeth part, I selected Will smith to play the role. Will smith is an incredible actor who approaches his job with strong emotional acting style. He often plays roles in action movies but in most of his movies he plays the guy who has suffered a loss.

Lady Macbeth::Regina Hall
Regina Hall will play as Lady Macbeth. Regina Hall is perfect for this part because she frequently play the roles of a wife or a girlfriend who encourages her partner into doing something that they don’t feel comfortable in doing.

Duncan: martin Lawrence
For the Duncan part I picked Martin Lawrence because I felt he was best suited for this role. He often plays the characters who somehow find themselves on the verge of being killed....

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