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A new generation of mobile phones that explores tomorrow’s world. VEZION Technology is one of the mobile phone brands in the country today and has been at the forefront of ushering in the revolution of Indian mobile phone handset brands challenging the established players in the business. VEZION Technology is a joint venture between some history makers of Gujarat. Nadiad based Pramukh Cellcom Group, Ahmadabad based Microsolve Software Group and Bhuj based Shri RAM Services. Pramukh Cellcom Group started out as a service center of mobile handsets around 8 years ago. Though it now has its own brand VEZION MOBILES in the market place. The Microsolve Group is a leading software developing company. And Shree Ram Services is a leading management adviser. To ring in new changes designed to truly delight the consumer, these three Indian joined forces in March 2011 to launch VEZION MOBILES in a bid to trigger a telecom revolution in the country. Understanding consumer requirements and offering the best-in-class products at a great value-for-money proposition has, today, made VEZION MOBILES one of the most cherished mobile phone brands. It has constantly come up with latest advancements and innovative features that suit the Indian market best. VEZION MOBILES is one of the fastest growing mobile brands in the country today, complemented by a comprehensive portfolio of mobile phones with an array of features. The inroads that VEZION MOBILES has made into the Indian handset market across India, in terms of affordability and technology definitely makes it a strong competitor and a game changer.

The mobile company today boasts of one of the fastest & highest rate of model launches in India. VEZION MOBILES is extremely focused to reach out to the maximum number of people. With more than 50,000 outlets, VEZION MOBILES hope to reaches out to people across the length and breadth of the country, enhancing its penetration and reach. The brand target to achieve a distribution...
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