Veterinary Technicians, and Why They'Re Important

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Veterinary Technicians, and Why They're Important

Who are veterinary technicians? Many people don't realize that a lot of the work done on animals, is by vet techs, instead of the actually veterinarian. Veterinarians wouldn't be able to do all the things they do throughout the day, without the help of their vet techs. Some say veterinary technicians even do more than the vets do in their daily routines. Veterinary technicians are important to animal clinics, and the community around them.

Exactly who are veterinary technicians, you ask? They aren't exactly veterinarians, but they are the next best thing. They give medical care to animals, that are sick or hurt, or even just need a check up. They are the nurses of the animal field. Many people think that you can just go to an animal clinic and get trained to be a veterinary technician, but that is extremely false. To become a veterinary technician you have to go to college. You either do a two to four year school program. In the schooling program you learn everything about animals, from anatomy to what kind of medicine you give them. You also have to pass a VTNE, which is a veterinary technician national exam. Along with schooling, you do an internship, so you can get the feel of how it is to

actually work with the animals in a daily setting. Reading how to become a vet tech may seem easy, but in all reality it is a very difficult task.
Veterinary technicians can work in a varity of places. From working on farms with animals to emergency clinics. The most popular place to work as a vet tech would have to be in a clinic. Usually clinics work with household pets like cats and dogs, and even some pocket pets, birds, and snakes. Clinics are usually like doctor office hours, but some can be emergency clinics, and they are open 24 hours a day! You can also work on farms with large animals like horses and cows as a veterinarian technician. You can administor medicine, and even help with...
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