Veterans Health Care Full Funding Act

Topics: United States House of Representatives, Veteran, Health care Pages: 3 (704 words) Published: July 7, 2008
Veterans Health Care Full Funding Act
The Veteran’s Health Care Full Funding Act is an initiative aimed to provide additional funding to ensure adequate funding for veterans health care programs of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to establish standards of Veteran Affairs, and for other purposes. As an honored servant of this nation transitioning from over 20 years of active duty service, I am most definitely interested in the continuum of care post my military career.

There are several roles recommended in this bill. Guidelines require that the President’s annual fiscal year budget includes designated funds to being requested for veterans health care programs for each two-fiscal year periods and the Veterans Health Care Funding Review Board to determine the level of funding needed for each period.

A Review Board, appointed by the House, is responsible for briefing the President or his designee of the level of funding necessary for each fiscal year and will annotate it to the Federal Register annually by November 1 of the previous year. The Review Board will determine its recommendations based on the economic assumption of the VA health care programs of the preceding year. The Director of the Office of Management and Budget is to provide information on the economic assumption to the Board. Funding for the Board is to be included in the amount presented in the fiscal estimate.

Cognizant of the times, the demand for VA health care is at an all time high. Many of those eligible and in need of VA services are younger and their needs extensive, resulting in the need to fortify the entire Department of Veterans Affairs’ system. The Veterans Health Care Full Funding Act is an attempt to meet those needs. This Act is a form of preparation to accommodate the needs of veterans by accounting for the influx of beneficiaries by meeting the needs of personnel with service connected injuries, providing them with timely services and improving the...
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