Vertebrate and Cellular Systems

Topics: Capitalism, Nation, Nation state Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Vertebrate & Cellularity
* There is a struggle going on between nation and state, where nation states strive to gain some measure of purity…. There is also a secondary struggle going on between these institutions; between nation and state which are both vertebrate in structure & the Cellular forms of identity produced or generated or spawned by globalization and the global economy itself. * There is a package of nation states and at any given instance there is a tension built where this can explode into two pieces. This is vertebrate in structure. * But It is a vertebrate time bomb. It is kind of tense in terms of whether it holds a part or not. And at any given moment, it can explode. What we have happening via globalization is the coming and onset of a world defined by cellularity. And cellularity itself poses a threat to the vertebrate structures that we have come accustom to. * Its two things going on at once. 43:37

* 44:00 This is the definition of what is happening in world politics and society today. Once u have established these cellular forms of identity you can take that cellularity to either try to blow up the vertebrate structures entirely in the name of one’s nationality, ones religious background, but by the same token, the nation state form can use its vertebrate structures to try to crush the cellularity at the same time. * Do you have to take sides? According to Appadurai its is a “schizophrenia” effect. It is a multiple…. Relevant? * Globalization taps into the same things pg 35-37.

* 45:45 How does this evolution of globalization and cellularity, where does it come from… and he talks about it with finance capital. In terms of information technologies, and what he calls 45:02 the mysterious nature of finance capital, in that it expands gaps between rich and poor without anyone really doing anything,. Its kind of magic in a sense of finance capital. * SORAAD: The ‘newness’ which Appadurai ascribes to...
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