Vernissage: Mother and Banana Sandwich

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Essay - Vernissage

Vernissage is a short story written by Claire Anderson-Wheeler, which is about the relationship between the mother, Frances and the father, John. It's a story about the boy named Alex, whose parents have a very dysfunctional relationship. In the story Alex hides under his parents' bed because he doesn't want to do his homework. There he witnesses his mother trying to get his father's attention, but his father keeps dismissing her and focuses on other things as the Vernissage. The story shows how Alex's parents' lack of mutual understanding affects their child's process of growing up. Alex is in the stage of being a child to becoming a teenager, and some things need to change for that to happen. For example in the sentence where is questioning himself if he is quite ready to give up the banana sandwich even though he likes them. (Page 8 Line 49-51) " Maybe he was getting to old for banana sandwiches. He thought about saying that he didn't want to eat them anymore. But he liked them". And this is a problem of whether not he should be a grown-up and stop eating them, or if he should still be a child and keep eating them.

The mothers and fathers relationship is as said very dysfunctional, and its seems that both parents have their own reasons for the relationship being how it is now. In the start we get in impression of that the mother doesn't really belong in the community by her being the outsider, which is one of the problems in the relationship, because she doesn't have anybody else than her family . (Page 7 Line 1-4) "Mothers clustered outside the school gates. they chattered; and those waylaid by the dull or domineering rattled keys at intervals, announcing a departure they could not quite achieve. Alex's mother was waiting in the car" Here we see that the mother doesn't do anything to be apart and getting to know the community When the mother talks to Alex she tells him that she ought to be talking to people at the Vernissage....
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