Vernacular Languages and Its Impact

Topics: French language, English language, German language Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: March 15, 2013
The Vernacular of a country refers to the common language of the two native people. The English languages were brought about around 1601 and were derived from the first form of vernacular language, Latin. Each of the languages that are now spoken is derivatives from the Latin languages. Each of the languages we speak today comes from a mix of different cultures attempting to speak to each other with their own form of dialect. Sayre(2012)

Many of these languages that we use today had a major figure that helped to standardize a language for a certain area. One example of this is Galileo, who began to write in Italian, but he did continue to produce some work in Latin. Through the years language started to advance away from just Latin. Sir Isaac Newton, though he too used Latin in many of his works, started to write books in English. Louis XIV of France helped to replace Latin dialect with French dialect. There are many more significant people to help advance language to where it is today. Sayre(2012)

Once more common language started to appear more cultures started to grow. Communication is key when it comes to bartering, diplomacy and other aspects concerning the expansion of different cultures. Many languages are off springs of other languages. For example, Spanish took similarity of Italian; French still took after the Latin language. The German language, however, is uncertain how it came about, although the French academy had a slight hand in keeping the influence of the French language out of the German speaking territories. The Dutch on the other hand took after the German speaking language and had two types of speaking. Sayre(2012)

The most difficult of the languages, Modern English, started to appear around 1550. This version of language came about from the French. They took the Old French and infused it into Old English. This was the preferred language of the King of London. Each of the fore mentioned languages became about from what is known as...
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