Vernacular Languages

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Latin was the main language among people until 12th century. Research and write about the origins of the Vernacular languages and its spread. Concentrate on the rise and dissemination of those languages. Also focus on gradual transition of Vernacular languages. Focus on the details of the types of literature that was written in Vernacular Language.

Individual languages are organized in families and then sub-families. Over the years languages change. It takes a few years before a new language forms. Languages change because civilizations advance and move on to different places where two languages mix and form a sub-language or a completely new language. Many languages share common factors, for example similar grammars, overlapping and similar words. These common factors also help trace the language to its origin. Vernacular languages are the commonly spoken language. A number of vernacular languages emerged from Latin in the beginning of the 12th century. At the time of the Roman Empire, Latin was the most popular means of communication. According to M.U.S.E material, “Latin had more than one form and changed over time because it was both written and spoken, and the educational level or social status of the writer or speaker often determined the final form of the language.” Education and literacy in Latin was not wide spread. It was only for wealthy people and people who were associated with a church. As the Roman Empire expanded its territories, Latin served the common grounds for the people of various backgrounds. Latin literacy greatly flourished at the time of Carolingian Renaissance. Because Charlemagne knew the importance of literacy, he invited Alcuin for personal tutoring and to establish literacy create curriculum for young children. However, Latin was still mostly for the upper class. Literacy awareness in vernacular language was very much...
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