Vernacular Language Origins

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Origins of the Vernacular Language
Bradlee Melton
American InterContinental University

Until the sixteenth century Latin was known as the official language during the Middle Ages. Latin became less used as it was hard to read and to understand but through Latin the Vernacular language was created. Before the sixteenth century all textbooks and even the Bible were written in Latin creating a great diversity between the upper crust of society and the common people. When the Vernacular language was adapted from Latin and everyday people started learning to read and to write the Vernacular language became the most used language throughout the population. The Vernacular language impacted societies, religion, and the Latin language eventually making the language of Latin obsolete.

Origins of the Vernacular Language

The Vernacular language is called the language of romance as much of poetry was written in the language in early roman times. The Vernacular language is actually the native language or dialect of the Roman public. Vernacular language was derived from Latin and became the language for everyone to use and understand much like English is used today. Latin was the official language of many countries but became unused and later obsolete as the vernacular language developed. Latin was mainly used by people of import and education. People that were involved in the government and highborn people of status used Latin as well (Rise of the vernacular language). However, as many different languages began to become established, Latin was used less and less and it became harder to understand people from different provinces within the country. Latin was not easily understood or read for anyone except for the educated people of the times. Latin began to change with different dialects coming together throughout as well. As the Latin language was adapted and transformed because different cultures used different dialects it became harder to understand...
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