Vermeer's Milkmaid vs. Tucker's Self Portrait 1945

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  • Topic: Portrait painting, Camera obscura, Johannes Vermeer
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  • Published : June 12, 2012
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Year 10 Art Essay
Comparing and contrasting the works of Vermeer’s ‘Milkmaid’ and Tucker’s ‘Self Portrait 1945’

Albert Tucker, (1914 – 1999) was famous for his portrait paintings all over the world. Johannes Vermeer, also known as Vermeer of Delft or Johannes van der Meer (1632 – 1675) was a famous Dutch painter. In comparison of these two artists, their artworks ‘Self Portrait 1945’ and ‘The Milkmaid’, have many differences and similarities. Vermeer didn't create many self portraits, focusing instead on objects that took the viewer to an image as he saw it. Tucker’s “Self Portrait” was produced with strong social criticism. Strong expressive qualities are evident in this piece of work. Although Vermeer experimented ceaselessly with specific techniques to render the effects of natural illumination, evidence points to the fact that he worked largely within the boundaries of traditional studio methods of Northern European artists. These methods were very different than those used by artists today. The paint has been applied boldly in strong blocks of tone and Tucker has used black, expressive outlines to add accent. Both Tucker and Vermeer have had experience creating portraits. Tucker uses his paints to express his feeling through showing lots of detail and different techniques using paints. Vermeer also uses paint but he worked with a camera obscura as well to create the astounding effects of light and shadows. Vermeer’s painting focuses on an everyday life scenes. His subject matter depicts ordinary people and narratives of domesticity in the 17th Century. Vermeer does not create a specific narrative in his works like his contemporaries did but instead focuses on the moment itself and the rest of the story is created by the viewer. Vermeer was a master in aspects of space and dimension and his ability to effectively use the colour palette with all it limitations of the time demonstrates his talent and competency in overcoming obstacles and creating...
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