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Verizon Wireless

By | September 2008
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Many people across the world probably hardly remember the days before they had a cellular phone to be able to contact anyone, anywhere at anytime. Mobile phones have become a wonderful convenience for our day-to-day lives. They can assist drivers in emergencies, they can provide GPS signals in the event someone is missing, and they keep you in touch with who ever you need too or who ever may need to reach you (which might not always be a good thing!). Now, cellular phones are more advanced than ever. They maintain our daily calendars, they provide access to our email, even when we are not in front of a computer, and they provide access to the World Wide Web. With the transformation of the wireless industry, the market is becoming increasingly saturated, and in this competitive market, wireless companies need to be concerned with how they will position themselves in the future. Players in the wireless industry, more specifically Verizon Wireless, need to constantly ask “Where do we go from here?” They cannot become comfortable with where they stand in the life of the company, and they must always be looking at how they will strategically place themselves in the future. In order to move towards the future, we need to understand the history of the wireless industry and cellular phones, the history of Verizon Wireless, the industry and competition, and the industry’s current problems.

I.Where it all Began
The very first concept for cellular phones was almost 60 years ago. In 1947, researchers discovered that using small “cells” and reusing frequency spectrum, a range of service area would be created ultimately establishing mobile phone traffic (Bellis). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) controls everything related to sending radio and television messages, and since a cellular phone was a type of two-way radio, the FCC also controlled the availability of the frequencies needed to use a mobile phone. AT&T approached the FCC and requested...

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