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By | November 2012
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Verizon Communications is one of the leading providers of wire line and wire-less communication in the United States. One of Verizon’s known strengths are their cover area. As the country's largest network, Verizon Wireless services over 80 million customers annually. The company had invested over $50 million in creating and expanding its coverage. Verizon have the largest push-to-talk (PTT) coverage area and provider and maintained America’s largest and most reliable 3G network (Canaan, 2012).Cell phones companies spend millions of dollars competing and advertising their products. However, Verizon wireless calling plans cost more, on average than competing cellular providers. Others users with tablets or smart phones are required additional data plans which, increases their monthly payment. When calling Verizon Wireless to speak with a representative about an issue or plan can be a nuisance. Often customers will get different answers when speaking with Verizon wireless representatives about certain issues. Therefore, Verizon wireless must improve their services to keep their customers happier. According to “partnerships” (2012) website, Verizon wireless is a company that knows the power of networking better than anyone. Creating connections and building bridges is what drive the great company of Verizon. “When it comes to hiring our team members, we turn to the organizations that understand the strength of those bonds. These are organizations that reflect our rock-solid commitment to diversity and our determination to make a positive and enduring impact on the world” ("Partnerships", 2012). Therefore, Verizon wireless is proud to work with organizations that share the same commitment and values. Due to the saturation in the wireless market many Verizon wireless competitors “smaller Carriers” are stepping up to the competitive pressures with better devices and faster services. Most Verizon competitors offer unlimited data plans that include...

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