Vergia Wallace

Topics: Management, Hamburger, Customer Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Developing Good Business Sense
Vergia Wallace

I choose to observe three fast food companies starting with Burger King, McDonalds’, and Sonic. These three companies are very similar in the way they operate. I will discuss the main kinds of OMM costs companies have and how they affect their OMM operations. I will also be discussing how companies design their operating systems to give them a competitive advantage. I will identify which five main components of operations and materials management costs and the methods companies use to reduce them. The goals for these companies are all the same and that is to serve the customer to the best of their ability and to beat the competition. Now the primary goal of the operations manager is creating happy and loyal customers. This will be done by effectively analyzing and managing their business’s operations, they created the right products with the right features at the proper cost. This cannot be done without operations and materials management, it is a vital function. All of these companies that I have chosen to observe offer the same type of products but each of them offer them in a different way. McDonalds fry their burger, so does Sonic, but Burger King Flame broils their burgers; however, they all sell burgers. I find that Burger king has the best burgers but McDonalds and Sonics’ burgers are better priced. They all have nuggets also but some like one better than the other. I think that even though Sonic fry their burgers, some of the other specials they have including the roller skating staff of waitresses tend to give them an edge. I know that price and customer service makes a difference when you are competing with other restaurants especially when they are directly across the street from you. This is what the operations and materials management is for, to project the amount of business and anticipate inventory in order to create an overall satisfactory...
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