Verbatim Theatre

Topics: The Laramie Project, Theatre, Moisés Kaufman Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: October 3, 2011

The technique which we a focusing on in our HSC course is ‘Verbatim Theatre’ which is playwright that interviews people that are connected to a pacific topic that the play is focused on and uses their testimony from accrual recorded counts to construct the piece of play etc. In this way they seek to develop a degree of authority akin to that represented by the news. Such plays may be focused on politics, disasters or even sporting events. Verbatim theatre has a method of transforming real events into a theatrical version; a great example is the play “the Laramie project” by Moises Kaufman, which he have heavily assessed and examined. The Laramie project is a movie and book exposing in a way the sigma of people discrimination of gay people in society through, revealing a big issue and event which accord in a small town in America Laramie which resulted in the killing of a young man souly because he was gay. This is where Verbatim Theatre came into play which Moses collected live counts from people in Laramie about this tragic event which did actually accore and used the views and experiences from people which were involved and connected heavily with the victim in his movie and book, which allows audience to get a better view and understanding and scrap down to the core of this event which were shown through dramatic techniques. In Laramie is really bring across authenticity and a sense of essence through to the audience by leaving the counts to their default state and keeping the truth to the words. This technique engages audience in a sense makes them feel that they were there when these counts were given and showed greatly the different point of views of the many characters which gave the opinion to develop and have there own view and understanding of the tragic event. With this issue it is a big fact in our society and is decreasing in the discrimination of gay people and because of this and the view which were given it invites...
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