Verb and Example

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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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big, great, high, large or tall
Word| Explanation| Example|
big| large in size, degree or amount| a big stone|
great| much bigger than average| a great success
a great time|
high| measurement from the bottom to the top; greater than normal| a high mountain a high level|
large| big in size and quantity| a large country
a large number of people|
tall| greater height than average| a tall man|
Note: We use high or tall when we talk about buildings.|

borrow or lend
Word| Explanation| Example|
borrow| to take and use sth. that belongs to sb. else| I'd like to borrow your umbrella.| lend| to give sth. to sb. that belongs to you| I can lend you my umbrella.|

bring or take
Word| Explanation| Example|
bring| to come to a place| Can you bring me the Coke, please?| take| to carry or move sth. from one place to another| Can you take the book to the library?|

do, go or play
Word| Explanation| Example|
do| be active| do the shopping
do gymastics|
go| to go somewhere to do something| go fishing
go sailing|
play| a game| play cards
play handball|

hear or listen to
Word| Explanation| Example|
hear| to be aware of sounds in your ears| I can hear music in Peter's room.| listen (to)| to pay attention to sb./sth. that you can hear| Peter often listens to music when he's at home|

it's or its
Word| Explanation| Example|
it's| Short/contracted form of it is or
it has | It's a boy. (it is)

It's been raining for five hours now. (it has)|
its| Possessive pronouns never have apostrophes.| England is famous for its castles|

look, see or watch
Word| Explanation| Example|
look| to pay attention, to try to see what is there; seem
look up (e.g. dictionary)| Look at the board, please.
You can look up the words in the dictionary.|
see | visual impression come to the eyes;
understand| Can you see the the blue car over there?
I see what you mean....
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