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It has been a great challenge to working parents in this era to balance up their life between career and theirfamily. In our busy daily life we spend more times in the office and tend to neglect our loved ones. As a working mother I am very concern about my children’swell-being especially their daily food intake. I always believe that children need a healthy balance diet to ensure their growth, mentally and spiritually. There’s a quote saying ‘you are what you eat’. ThereforeI will try as much as possible to avoid serving my kids with fast food. However being away from homemore than eight hours a day doesn’t permit me to cook for them a nice warm home-made lunch or dinner during the weekdays. Other than fast food such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut or McDonalds, what other alternative do we have? This is how my Venture Concept Proposal will help the working parents to solve the problem. CONCEPT

“A warm home cooked food for your loved one to enjoy, deliver to your doorstep while you are at work” This home cooked food delivery services specialized in Malay cuisine will provide customers with another alternative to the ever ready fast food channels such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, McDonalds or even other kind of foods available at many eatery places such as Thai or ‘Mamak’ food. Not only these types of food contain a lot of seasoning such as MSG and preservatives which are not healthy, we may also have cleanliness issues with the handling and preparation of the food. So with kind of service available, working mothers will not have to worry about what the children at home are having for lunch after back from school as they will be served with the lunch delivery send to the doorstep. This will also be helpful if you have a maid who doesn’t know how to cook.

What are we offering to our customers?
1) We offer a 3 meal courses for both lunch and dinner as follows:- * Course 1 – a selection of either chicken or beef
* Course 2 – a selection of fish, prawn or squid
* Green – a selection of vegetables or side dishes

What we offer to our customers are not only the customer get to choose between beef, chicken or fish, they can also select the type of cooking which we think is also among the important criteria in selecting the menu as the customer will know best what suitable for their family. This will indirectly make the menu ordered more personalized to our customers and their family.

To meet our objective of providing a range of Halal, fresh quality food for our customers, we have taken several measures:- * We hired a team of experienced cook who specialized in Malay cuisine, experienced and efficient kitchen helpers and delivery men. In order to ensure our production comply with Islamic Manufacturing Practice (IMP) we only hire Muslim cooks and kitchen helpers. * We also order the raw materials/products only from the trusted sources. * We ensure no mass production – this is to maintain the good taste of the food.We also ensure the food prepared in clean, controlled environment. * The food will be prepared according to timing of delivery; for lunch food will be cooked in the morning and for dinner, it will be cooked in afternoon. This is to maintain the freshness and quality of our food. * To support the environmental protection, we will use the recyclable food containers. The food will be packed and deliver in a warmer casing/bags.

2) Weekly or Monthly subscription
Customer will have the options to order the foods on weekly or monthly basis. We only accept the weekly and monthly order as this will ensure that we have confirmed order to fulfill every day. It is also easier to plan on the raw material supply, delivery schedule and the production. However, we will accept daily order from...
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