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“Venture Capital Industry in India”

Submitted to Swami Vivekanand Institute of Management for Women in partial fulfillment Of the requirements for the awards of Master of Business Administration

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Shinam Gupta
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Ms. Jaspreet Kaur

Is the certify that the Final Project Report entitled “ VENTURE CAPITAL INDUSTRY IN INDIA” submitted Training Report of the requirement for the degree of MBA affiliated to Punjab Technical University, is work carried out by Shinam Gupta under my supervision and guidance.

Project Guide:
Ms. Jaspreet Kaur


“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take-off for your goals”

And with no exception, this was the condition when I started my dissertation work. But in due course of time with the thorough guidance of my project guide, it has been a success. Though the deepest gratitude can be felt inside heart, but in words with deepest esteem I wish to thank my honorable guide Ms. Jaspreet kaur, for her enriching guidance, constant encouragement and valuable suggestions while carrying out this dissertation.

I am grateful to Mrs. Usha Aggarwal of our institute for creating a conductive environment in the institute for a purposeful education.

And last but not the least I thank all my Professors and classmates, who have directly or indirectly contributed in understanding the subject and constantly encouraged me in carrying out the dissertation.

2009, the year, which shook the entire globe, left an unforgettable impression on the history of the financial world. Even though India is predominantly a domestic consumption driven economy, it suffered from global volatility and uncertainty. During the year, there has been a slowdown in the economy across the board. The Indian banking system has shown remarkable growth over the last two decades. The rapid growth and increasing complexity of the financial markets, especially the capital market have brought about measures for further development and improvement in the working of these markets. Venture capital is money provided by professionals who invest alongside management in young, rapidly growing companies that have the potential to develop into significant economic contributors. Venture capital is an important source of equity for start-up companies. There are basically four key elements in financing of ventures which are studied in depth by the venture capitalists stated as Management, Potential for Capital Gain, Financial requirements & Projections and Owner’s Financial Stake. The growth drivers on Venture Industry would be:

Development of Technology especially IT and Communication •Development of Financial Markets
Development of political climate for the economy, globalization In India, however, the potential of venture capital investments is yet to be fully realized. There are around thirty venture capital funds, which have garnered over Rs. 5000 Crores. The venture capital investments in India at Rs. 1000.05 crore as in 1997,representing 0.1 percent of GDP, as compared to 5.5 percent in countries such as Hong Kong.


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