Ventilation of Cars

Topics: Embedded system, Microcontroller, GSM Pages: 12 (3975 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Embedded Technology For Vehicle Cabin Safety
Monitoring And Alerting System

Motor vehicles are the prime source of transportation where vehicles with A/C play a major part. This paper designs an embedded system for a vehicle cabin, which senses the gases like carbon-monoxide and oxygen and displayed at each and every second. If the level of the CO increases than the normal level (30ppm) or the level of the oxygen decreases than the normal level (19%) then an alarm is generated automatically and also ventilation is provided immediately. A warning message is sent to the authorized user via GSM. The advantage of this system is proper detection and faster response time leading to faster diffusion of the situation, compared with the manual methods.

Key words: Atmel microcontroller, ,Embedded System,Gas detecting sensors,GSM Modem,Vehicle safety.

Motor vehicles are they not only the prime source of transportation, but also the prime source of pollution. These motor vehicles contribute to over 30% of the hazardous gases that are released into the atmosphere.As the vehicle cabin is small area, any suspended particulate such as dust, fumes, smokes entering in to it through either ventilation or through windows can cause serious health problems to the person inside.The health effects range from minor irritation of eyes and the upper respiratory system to chronic respiratory disease, heart disease,lung cancer and even death .Even if the vehicle is equipped with the air cabin filters that are present inside the cabin so ashe person inside Hence to overcome these types of problems there is a need to monitor several gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) and the oxygen level is required to ensure complete vehicle occupant comfort and safety. This paper designs an embedded system for toxic gas CO and oxygen level detection inside the vehicle cabin and to develop a sensing system using a sensor array and microcontroller. If the toxic gas reaches the maximum threshold level, the detection unit detects, an alarm is generated immediately and the ventilation will be provided automatically. And then an SMS is send to the authorized user through the GSM module getting fatigue or drowsiness.

1.1 Related Work
In the year of 2008, LIU zhen-ya, WANG Zhen-dong and CHEN Rong, “Intelligent Residential Security Alarm and Remote Control System Based On Single Chip Computer”, the paper focuses on, Intelligent residential burglar alarm, emergency alarm, fire alarm, toxic gas leakage remote automatic sound alarm and remote control system, which is based on 89c51 single chip computer.The system can be automatic alarm, automatic calling the police hotline number. It can be used voice alarm and show alarm occurred address. It can set up and modify user password. It can be recordable and voice suggestion. It can be used telephone remote control electrical power.

In the year of 2008, Chen Peijiang and Jiang Xuehhua, “Design and implementation of Remote Monitoring System Based on GSM”, this paper focuses on the wireless monitoring system,because the wireless remote monitoring system has more and more application, a remote monitoring system based on SMS of GSM is presented. In this system, GSM network is a medium for transmitting the remote signal. The system includes two part which are the monitoring centre and the remote monitoring station. The monitoring consists of a computer and a TC35 communication module of GSM. The computer and the TC35 are connected by RS232. The remote monitoring station includes a TC35 communication module of GSM, a MSP430F149 MCU, a display unit, various sensors, data gathering and processing unit. The software of the monitoring center and the remote monitoring station is designed by using VB. The result of demonstration shows that the system can monitor and control the remote communication between the monitoring center and the remote monitoring station, and the remote monitoring function is...
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