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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Paper #1 – Venezuela Today
After almost fourteen years in power, President Hugo Chavez was reelected by a million votes more against his adversary in October 2012. Armed with huge resources from oil revenues, bolstered by the high rates of Popularity and six years ahead of renewed mandate, Chávez expressed confidence in the progress of the "Bolivarian Revolution" and the establishment of so-called "Socialism of the XXI century". That confidence helped him to regain control of some basic industries (electricity, telephone, steel and cement) that were held by transnational groups private as well as to risk uncomfortable off the road media opponents and gain special legislative powers granted by the National Assembly powers that tried to reform the Venezuelan Constitution. The country's response was swift: the measures taken were met with different levels of acceptance and rejection its supporters and detractors, he did that for the first time in all his mandate, a real political game of social checks and balances put in place to promote or stop the political project that advances Hugo Chavez and his government. Venezuela is a country of strategic importance to Latin America general and South America and the Caribbean in particular. Along with Mexico is one of the largest oil producers in the region, but is also part of the renewed ideological geography has been gaining ground in the most unequal continent on the planet.  This paper chose to think of Venezuela from today seven areas: i.) A brief review of the history of Venezuela since 1958 until the arrival of Hugo Chavez to power, ii.) Structural problems the country, III.) Political movements and citizens opposed and in favor of the Bolivarian Revolution, The proposed idea then is to make a brief outline of these issues in light of the most important developments since the Hugo Chavez victory that December nearly six years ago. I. But first, a bit of history: Why Chavez won elections in December 1998 could then...
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