Venezuela Kyoto Protocol Refusal

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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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Venezuela is a nation emerging from the corruption of two century’s plagued by greedy military dictator and bloody revolutions that left hundreds of thousands dead. During the 21st century Venezuela eventually became a democratic nation when its first democratically elected president, Rómulo Gallegos, in which he ruled until 1947. The last of the military coups put him out of office and landed Perez Jimenez, the corrupt power monger only worsened the corruption within the already struggling nation. Ten years later Jimenez was booted and the democratic elections returned and Venezuela. Ever since 145 Venezuela has been recognized as a Democratic Nation by the United Nations. Oil had been one of Venezuela’s top export since the Oil Crisis of 1973 where Oil prices doubled and created an economic boom, in which Venezuela came to realize the true potential of the massive reserves of “Black Gold” that laid in wait under the soil. Venezuela is ranked in the top ten for crude oil producers in the world. In 2009 alone Venezuela exported $57.6 billion worth of petroleum. In 2004 Ana Elisa Osorio, the nations minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, signed the Kyoto Protocol, with the intention of decreasing greenhouse gas emission to 5% below there previous green house emissions in 1990. The Prime Minister announced the creation of new departments (Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), Energy and Mines, Planning and Development, Agriculture and Lands, Infrastructure, as well as the national oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela ) to help with monitoring the decrease in emissions. Although this was a valiant attempt by the UN to set a standard of greener living it was a little far fetched. Venezuela has such a vast, rich quantity of oil that it was difficult to reduce the industry because if it wanted to be an international competitor in the world market it couldn’t slow down on its biggest moneymaker. So oil production eventually increased...
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