Veneration Without Understanding

Topics: Philippines, Sangley, Spain Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: September 26, 2012
If I will be asked, should Jose Rizal be the Philippine's national hero? Maybe, it depends on what we mean by national hero. If we define a hero as one who overcomes challenges that would break other people and did it with class and dignity, then yes I nominate him. Rizal is more than the greatest hero of the Filipino people; he is more than the greatest man, the Malayan race has produced; in truth he is one of the world's greatest personalities. Most of the Filipino people know about the story of Rizal, of his honesty an dlove for the Filipino people. he was a patriot, physician, and a man of letters whose life and literary works were an inspiration to the Philippines Nationalist Movement. We learned that he was shot by the Spaniards. Why did Spain shoot Rizal? Because he was found guilty of encouraging his countrymen to take up arms and secure their independence Rizal was built into a hero because he had already been one to the downtrodden. When he "changed sides", there was no one else to call a hero during that moment of the revolution, and so he remained one, even though he no longer fought for the people who venerated him without understanding his true position. Heros are often created out of desperation, and therefore most often deified without cause. . I admired Rizal’s intelligence. As a student who lives in this century, I can understand why our national hero did those things. He did not only think of the consequences of the action of the Filipinos but also their welfare after the proposed revolution. I strongly agree that we must be first educated on how to run a government properly so that we can appreciate what it really does before taking it from the colonizers. Taking over the government without really knowing how to run it will make the matter worse. People will be assigned to offices which does not really suit them and by that, they can be making wrong decisions that can affect the whole country. Rizal knew that Filipinos does not yet have the...
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