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For over 75 years, SandenVendo America, Inc. has delivered smiles to consumers-on-the-go all over the world with the push of a button. After revolutionizing the convenience industry with the creation of the world’s first vended beverage machine in 1937, SVA has continued to make advancements in the vending field that blend modern design with technology. Today, SVA is the world’s largest producer and distributor of electronic, high-capacity, chilled beverage machines. SVA is committed to global excellence and will continue to foster cooperation and collaboration among all Sanden/Vendo worldwide operations

Uload, a Digital Eload Vending Machine, is a kiosk designed to be a unmanned and operational at 24/7.  It uses the latest GPRS technology to ensure fast and efficient  Eload to its end users. With a 7" LCD touch screen, this e-loading machine has a small footprint  and accepts both coins and paper bills. Mindmap Commtech Inc.,  the exclusive distributor for ULOAD vending machine, is a local joint venture with FORTH Corp. Public Company Limited (Thailand) . Forth Corp. was established in 1989 under the name of "Genius Communication System Company Limited" , has a registered capital of over 1 Million Baht. The company has extensive research in development and the manufacture of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) under the trademark of FORTH. In 2005, the company became public  and was registered under the name of "Forth Corporation Public Company Limited" (FORTH). In 2009, Forth Corp increased its capital to 5 Million Baht  issuing 40,000 common shares at a par value of 100 Baht. To this date, Forth Corp's  subsidiary includes:

facilities to manage lines. steps taken to alleviate the situation facing prime time travellers extremely long line snaking all over the terminal
put their heads together to work out a solution to the problem of long waiting periods.  more and more people have decided to take the light rail to save time and money, avoid traffic and parking...
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