Venarcular Language

Topics: Middle Ages, Byzantine Empire, Centuries Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Vernacular Language
Unit 2 Individual Project
LaToya Marible


Vernacular language is somewhat of a unique language that has seems to have such a wide spread throughout the 11th-14th century. The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of the impacts of vernacular language. After reading this paper you will understand what vernacular language is.

Vernacular Language

The spread for vernacular language was an epidemic because it was on the rise for so many cultures. There were some that used the vernacular language for literary work and the French were the first to do that. During the 14th century the language had spread to Europe. Courtly literature was enforced and this was a big change from the Latin to the vernacular language. Women played a role in this language during this time it was their way of communicating so to speak. This language was very well known during the 15th century. It was used for the language of literature. Vernacular language was subject to standardization. Because of the lack of Latin language, it was sure that vernacular language would definitely spread. Technological advances, is the reason for the spread of vernacular language. There were some reasons that the rise of vernacular language. People had the love to spread Christianity, women wanted to take part in cultural debates are a couple of factors that made it possible for vernacular language to surpass Latin in importance of the everyday lives of people (Schwarz. S, 2011). The desire for Christianity is known to be one of the reasons for the rise of vernacular language. Biblically studying of science and vernacular language was used by the monks who had to create a way to understand this language. They used alphabets to translate Latin bible into vernacular language. This made it easier to convert the language for the Christians.

The translation with the bible did...
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