Velocity and Impulse

Topics: Velocity, Kinetic energy, Mass Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 28, 2011
The main goal of this experiment is to measure the change in momentum of a cart and compare it to the impulse it receives.  For this experiment, a force sensor, motion detector, elastic cord, a dynamics cart and track were used to collect the data.  The cart was placed on the track and pushed away from the force sensor until the elastic cord is completely stretched and the motion sensor measured the change in momentum.  The goal of this experiment was recorded and calculated using Logger Pro and the equations that were learned in class. The equations were used to test the impulse-momentum theorem.

Mass of cart| 503 g|
Table 1
Trial of elastic 1| Final Velocity| Initial Velocity| Average force| Duration of Impulse| Impulse| 1| .4957| -.7348| .5815| 1.02| .59313|
2| .5615| -.8435| .8183| .96| .785568|
Table 2
Trial of elastic 2| Final velocity| Initial velocity| Average force| Duration of impulse| Impulse| 1| .4295| -.6175| 1.408| .36| .50688|
2| .4181| -.6063| 1.044| .48| .50112|
Table 3
Trial of elastic 1| Impulse F Delta t| Change in momentum| % difference between impulse and change in momentum| 1| .59313| .6189415| 4.2%|
2| .785568| .706715| |
Table 4
Trial of elastic 2| Impulse F delta t| Change in momentum| % difference between impulse and change in momentum| 1| .50688| .526641| 1.9%|
2| .50112| .526641| |
Table 5

Q1) How close are your values, percentage-wise? Does your data support the impulse-momentum theorem? a. All the values percentage wise were exceptionally close, and the data did support the impulse-momentum theorem

Q2) Look at the shape of the last force vs. time graph. Is the peak value of the force significantly different from the average force? a. The peak value is a little bit higher than the average force

Q3) When you use different elastic materials, what changes occurred in the shapes of the graphs? Is there a...
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