Velocity and Acceleration (Video Analysis) Lab Report

Topics: Velocity, Acceleration, Classical mechanics Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Velocity and Acceleration (Video Analysis)


With using the new software this lab was different than the rest. We determined many solutions using video analysis. We used a frictionless track with a “car” and recorded using loggerpro software. We used this software to determine average velocity and instantaneous velocity. With this information we than discovered the average acceleration, mine was .2115. After that we were able to find δa, then finally the free-fall acceleration, I got 1.693. Overall this was a fun and difficult experiment, but I learned a ton about acceleration and velocity. Introduction:

The average person might hear the word physics and have no idea what it really means. The formal definition is; a science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions. Now that definition is nice and short, and doesn’t explain into too much detail, but that is the gist of it. And hopefully can help you understand this lab a little bit more. The next question an average person is going to ask is when is this even used in real life? But there are many examples, for one; 2-d vectors and projectile are used when using a cannonball, or any other ball flying through the air, every motion on a flat surface. Another example is hitting a golf ball, which can be in kinematics or in dynamics. If only motion of a golf ball is discussed, with terms like velocity, acceleration, displacement etc. then it's in kinematics. If mass, force, and impulse are also mentioned, than its dynamics. Those are just two of many different examples. The example that ties into this lab is hitting the golf ball, well the part about acceleration and velocity. So, if this lab is completed correctly and not only will you be able to determine the acceleration and velocity of the car on the tract but of your golf ball as well, which could be fun to see who’s is the highest with your friends. So before you know it you will be using physics in your everyday life and...
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