Veil Ban in France

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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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France- making public their intolerance of Islam.
Tuesday the 13th of July 2010 was another day in the history of attacks against the Muslim Ummah. It is on this date the first stages of banning the veil were cleared by the majority of MPs in France. French MPs decided to ban full length veils in public, making it an offence for Muslim women to wear the veil in a public area. If caught doing so Muslims will be made to pay a fine of 150 Euros (currently over £100). This is not the first violation of rights that the Muslim community of France has had to endure. On the 2nd of September 2004 the banning of the hijab (headscarf) was enforced in state schools. This act was a direct violation of the very ‘human rights’ that the West prides itself upon, where obedient Muslim women were denied the rights of education. Those with sound reasoning will question the reasons behind this, what threat or security risk can a headscarf possibly pose? Does wearing it hinder the learning experience in any way? No, rather the headscarf serves the purpose of covering ones hair, shoulders and chest – not affecting the brain or ability to think in any way! Such excuses of hindrance and security put forward to defend the banning of the headscarf and veil only bring to light the fallacy and bias stance of the French government. Be it the excuse of causing a hindrance, inequality or oppression, neither of the excuses for the ban hold up for those who have the ability to think for themselves. Rather the bias views and the discrimination against Muslims, becomes evident by passing such policies and legislations, this article will further highlight the hypocrisy of France when it comes to Muslims and Islam. The veil ban is proposed to occur in schools, hospitals, government offices and on public transport. Thus, denying the Muslim woman the right to freely travel about the country, seek medical treatment and receive education. France states that a woman covering her face goes against...
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