Vehicle Tracking System

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  • Published : February 18, 2011
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Digi m-Trak™ 75E
Wireless Tracking and Messaging Transceiver
Mobile asset tracking device provides remote access to critical data from deployed resources in real-time.

Digi m-Trak 75E is a rugged, weather-proof mobile asset tracking device. It combines global positioning and wireless technologies, allowing fleet managers to remotely monitor and manage deployed resources in real-time from anywhere around the world. Critical asset data such as location, speed, fuel levels and temperature are collected by the device and sent via GSM wireless networks to the m-Trak web application. This easy-touse application enables asset tracking on a GIS-enabled map in real-time or for later replay. Users can program alerts for predefined events such as over-speeding, route deviation and stoppage. Digi m-Trak 75E empowers managers to better utilise resources, improve fleet performance and reduce costs. On-demand access to time- and location-sensitive data minimises delays, protects assets and enhances customer service. Available MIS reports enable users to analyse fleet performance by vehicle, driver, route, and across time, ensuring maximum efficiency and best performance.

Application Highlight
Satellite Taxi Dispatch Center


Vehicle Mapping
rak m-T



Vehicle Mapping


Cellular Digi m-Trak™ 75E Cellular Network

Digi m-Trak Web Application Server

Real-timevehiclelocation,distancetraveledand speed • Monitorsnumber,durationandlocationofstops • GIS-enableddigitalmapforassettracking

Target Applications

Customisableforclientspecificrequirements Built-inGSM/SMScommunications • Remoteconfiguration • Rugged,weather-prooftransceiver • OptionalRFwirelesscommunications,text messagingandSOSswitch


Remote Device Management

Features Networks Supported Storage Memory Tracking Alerts Poll...
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