Vehicle Registration

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Quality assurance is a major factor for the Vehicle Registration data collection. In Nigeria, Vehicle Registration data such as vehicle license, car insurance, driver’s license and other vehicle – related documents are usually collected by officials of both the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and the State Liaison Office for both the Federal and State Governments respectively. Sometimes the data forms are collected away from the scene. These data collected often have problems including errors, incomplete information, illegibility due to poor handwriting, and errors due to multiple data entries at various levels. The data obtained might not be of acceptable quality. O’Day, [1993] defines data quality as accuracy, precision, timeliness, and completeness of the data. The various components of quality listed by O’Day are ascertainment (completeness of data coverage), consistency of coverage, missing data, consistency of interpretation, and the right data, appropriate level of detail, correct entry procedures, and freedom from response error.

The Vehicle Registration data collection is of great importance and is the main sources of Vehicle Identification information. The Vehicle Registration data collected and recorded by the officials of both the FRSC and the State Liaison Office includes the information about the vehicle, characteristics of the vehicle, Residential information of the Owner, Driver’s License Number, Plate, Engine and Chassis Numbers. The duty of the official at Commission/State Liaison Office is not only to collect the data. But the primary task of an officer is to create a file so as to secure the Vehicle’s Information and other relevant information for updating, correction, renewal and tracking. During this process, some critical Vehicle data and evidence might be lost, removed, or replaced during these routine procedures. Therefore, the Vehicle data collected and reported by the official may contain errors and may not...
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