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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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22 October 2012
The Humor of Vegetarianism
In Laura Fraser’s passage, “Why I Stopped Being a Vegetarian,” the author compiles her personal motives and detachments on the controversial topic of vegetarianism. To make the essay more compelling, Fraser adds a touch of humor that transforms the writing into a light and whimsical piece. The passage, in turn, is positively impacted as the humor in Fraser’s essay relays an informal, personal tone that captures readers with the vernacular casualness of the style as well as appeals to a plethora of differentiating personality groups. Fraser’s humor in the essay also highlights the human’s mindset including the issues in our thought process and decision making. Laura Fraser’s sense of humor completely changes the mood of the piece, and after all, when does humor not change the mood? Fraser’s comical style contradicts the seriousness of the topic to the point where the reader feels as though they are reading a personal entry rather than a dry, dull political document on the views of vegetarianism. In many occurrences, the author will ask rhetorical questions to offset what the conflict is. For example, when discussing how far utilitarianism can stretch to compensate for the negative effects, Fraser asks herself, “Wont free range do?” (548). The author fully knew that even buying and consuming free range chickens opposed her views as a vegetarian, yet she attempted to justify herself with a settlement. The use of rhetorical questions shows the amusement because vegetarians are supposed to be dedicated and committed to their anti-meat cause; however, she tries to find a hole through her reasoning. By doing so, the rhetoric adds more meaning to the essay as it reflects the misleading motives of her pro vegetarian views from the beginning. Also, Fraser uses informal phrases such as “The truth is,” (547) “It was a slippery slope from there,” (546) and “But who was I kidding?” (548). The effect such...
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