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When people think of eating, they may think of hamburgers, pizzas and good salads like Caesar’s salads or Chef’s salads. There has been much debate in the last few years on whether which lifestyle is greater. Some people say that eating meat is necessary to a healthy diet because of the intake amount of protein, but there are people who do not consume meat but still manage to receive their daily amount of proteins coming from legumes, vegetables and eggs. The big question is whether to stop eating meat and why these people believe substituting a meat eating lifestyle with a vegetable one is better. First of all, everything depends on the person, the places where they live, and their type of lifestyle. There are people that really enjoy eating red meat; also the factor of location may change what amount of food is being taken, for example when someone lives on a poor town near the country side, it is more likely that the income of red meat of that person is less than someone with a better lifestyle living on the city. Some people do sports or activities that cause high exhaustion and require a preview consumption of proteins and carbohydrates. This enables them to fulfill their body with meat and pastas, while some people have a less demanding life without requiring any consumption of meat. There are also people who need to lose weight, and can live of vegetables and other healthy foods without the need of eating meat or intaking it in less quantity than the “average” basis. After all this said, there are different groups of people whose beliefs are that nutrients in certain types of food can be superior to the other ones. The main two of those groups are the vegetarians and the meat eaters also known as omnivores. The first group are people who follow a diet based on plant eating (vegetables and fruits), excluding the consumption of meat (red meat, poultry and seafood) and depending on the person the exclusion or inclusion of dairy...
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