Topics: Omnivore, Meat, Ethics of eating meat Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: January 21, 2013
I’m against vegetarianism, but I don’t like the fact that harming animals has to come along with me eating meat. Torment is bad whether it’s human or animal. Most humans have the ability to live a very healthy life without even being a carnivore. Now, here are a few reasons people become vegetarians: health issues, religion, and their dislike animal slaughter. Most vegetarians probably feel that you eat meat, than you might as well have killed the animal yourself. As humans we have to eat to stay alive, and I strongly believe people have the choice to eat whatever they want to. In addition; vegetarians choose not eat meat because of what they believe in their entitled to their own opinion as well. However, most vegetarians feel like animals and humans aren’t really different and were both living things, and we feel pain one way or another. On the other hand; it’s abnormal that a human would eat another human to cause them pain so why do we eat animals. Also, I feel that we have two different types of animals you have wild and domestic animals. First, you have your domestic animals such as, dogs, cats, birds, and so forth it’s highly impossible you would find someone eating one of those animals. Secondly, you have wild animals that go around killing each other to survive, and some that would kill a human you crossed its path. Ethical vegetarians believe that an animal’s killing a human an can only be justified in extreme circumstances and that consuming a living creature for its taste, convenience, or nutritional value is not good cause. Therefore, you’re going to have carnivores, omnivores, and even herbivores people are going to eat what they like. Meat-eaters are going to eat meat and vegetarians are going to eat things beside meat. It hurts me to know I’m eating a chicken, cow, or pig, but it really is good.
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