Vegetarian: Tofu and Soy Sauce

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Philippine Vegetarian Guide
There are a lot of Vegetarian options in the Philippines. Here is a guide to get you started! A thorough article printed on Holistic Diva, Girlfriend Magazine, 2007, a Mega Publication

Be adventurous and Veg Out with your Girlfriends!
Having been a vegetarian for 14 years, I have seen how much easier it has become to go veg. Back in 1993, it was a treasure hunt to look for vegetarian friendly places especially in UP Diliman where everyone is expected to have a taste of Beach House barbecue and the various street food near the University Shopping Center. Going out for dinner was especially tiresome. Feeling slightly embarrassed, I would order a dish sans the meat, the seafood, the oyster sauce, the patis, etc. Waiters and friends would look at me in a strange way as if to ask “Anong lasa non?” What’s worse is that people assume that a fresh salad is the only vegetarian dish, leaving me hungry all night long. It was the year 2000 when a major shift happened, perhaps in line with the Wellness Revolution that was taking the world by storm. Due to the number of people choosing healthier options, more and more restaurants and groceries have become vegetarian friendly. You don’t have to be completely vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian food. Make it a once a week affair or order one veg dish to complement your non-veg dishes. Here are a few of my favorite affordable, veggie friendly places.

Restaurants: Vegetarians Welcome
All Veg!!! Veggy Maki as starters and their Vegetable Katsu curry for your entrée. For their mouth watering menu, visit Tiendesitas # 7061464 and The Fort Strip # 816-6642 Queens. Craving for variety? This is a good place for you. They serve Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Pinoy fusion. At the end of the meal, have their homemade Indian style ice cream. My personal fave is the pistachio. 146B Jupiter Street, Makati # 8951316

Greens. The best time to make that trip is during their vegetarian food festivals and make sure to try their vegetarian isaw, fried shitake, tofu kebabs, and cap your meal with their non dairy chocolate or apple walnut cake. # 09185687649 Bodhi in the SM Malls and Evergreen in Glorietta 4 Food Court --- if you miss Pinoy food, you can get veggie versions of kare kare, menudo, afritada, etc. Try their Bopis! Take some home and make a yummy bopis fried rice! Upside: Fastfood. Downside: Uses corn oil which is not the best oil to use for cooking,

With Vegetarian Options

Separate Vegetarian Menu

New Bombay. The flavorful Indian food is matched by the graciousness of the owners. This Indian restaurant has its humble beginnings along Buendia near the “riles.” Now they have 3 branches, open til midnight. Dela Costa St, Makati # 8192892 / 893750; Wilson St. # 7270737 / 7234135; Columns, Gil Puyat # 9013275 Red Kimono. If you and your girlfriends are craving for modern Japanese cuisine, then this is the place to go. I highly recommend their Kyuri Kani salad and their Crunch

Alba’s Spanish Restaurant. I highly recommend their Paella Verde. Call them in advance if you want other vegetarian food like plain potato croquettes and artichokes in olive oil without the jamon. Makati # 896-6950 Tomas Morato # 925-1912 Som’s Noodle House. Feast on their Thai curries! Their vegetarian red curry and tofu in yellow curry is to die for! Pair these dishes with the vegetarian red curry rice. You can also request patis-free Som Tam (papaya salad) to add an ultra fresh dimension to your meal. Algiers St, parallel to Rockwell Drive, # 7578079

“existence is a fact – living is an art”

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Lai Lai. They can make a vegetarian version of your much loved Chinese dishes. Just tell the manager and they’ll prepare it for you. Request them to skip the MSG. I highly recommend this place for your weekend family gatherings. It’s worth the...
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