Vegan Diet vs. Paleo Diet

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The Vegan Diet vs. The Paleolithic Diet
Fad diets have been around for decades, ranging from drinking nothing but maple syrup for a week, to just simply eating fruits and vegetables. When people hear the word “diet” it usually means a change in eating habits for a short period of time in order to lose weight. That is not the case with two of the most popular, so-called, “diets” in America. The Vegan and Paleolithic diets have gained much attention because they are not diets, but lifestyle changes. These diets are both meant to change a person’s eating habits for good, but, people from each side have different views about food.

Those who follow the Vegan diet, more commonly known as “vegans”, believe that people should not consume or use products made from animals. They think humans should coexist with animals and feel like an animal’s life should be treated with respect. For this reason, the diet is mostly plant based and the majority of vegans end up consuming fewer calories than normal. This has given the vegan diet a reputation as more of a weight loss plan ("Vegan Diet" par. 2) but some do it strictly for health (Forks Over Knives).

The Paleolithic diet or “paleo” for short focuses on consuming food the way it was in the beginning of time. The food is basically “cave man” inspired (“What is a Paleo Diet”, par. 1). The consumers eat meat, plants, fruits, and anything else that is natural to the Earth. Grains tend to be avoided, along with liquid calories such as soda or juice. The calories consumed typically stays the same so people tend to favor this diet as a lifestyle change.

Between these two ways of eating one major difference, stands out and that is that vegans avoid all animal products while Paleo followers still eat meat that has been hunted, but not processed. This is because people who follow the Paleolithic diet view meat as an essential part of their diets and think it is a good and natural...
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