Vector Lab Report

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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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Vectors Lab Report

This lab was about constructing vectors graphically and being able to find the resultant of the vectors. Using a ruler to make the vectors and solving them graphically to find the resultants.


This lab was important because it went into higher depth on graphically creating vectors and being able to find the resultants. The structures of these vectors have right angles and have combinations that can look the same, yet the angles are going different directions which make them different.


One force board, three chains, three force scales, one plastic ring, and one circle paper were needed in this lab. Put the force board on top of a textbook and then place the circle paper on top of the force board and tape it down. Place the white plastic ring in the center of the paper with each scale hooked inside the ring. Put the extension chains on the end of the scales and pull each chain until each scale reads more than nine Newtons. Hook to the sides of the force board and draw a point on the paper in the center of the ring. Making sure to mark where the chains went off the paper, write how many Newtons the scale for each reads. Remove the rings, chains, and scales from the paper and with a ruler draw lines from the center point to where each chain went off the paper. Draw an arrow at the end of each vector at the correct length from the center dot. Next, find the resultant of two of the vectors graphically and draw the resultant using a ruler to figure out how many Newtons it represents while writing it by the resultant vector. Add two different vectors and compare it to the third vector. Do this until there are no more combinations.

Force Board (1)

Chains (3)

Force Scale (3)

Plastic Ring (1)


See Circular Paper for results.


In conclusion, the vectors appeared to be exactly the same however; the third vector is the same length/Newtons as the...
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