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Rules and Regulations
1. Nominations can be made online at (www.hdb.gov.sg/heartlandbeat), on nomination forms available at all HDB Branches, Community Clubs and RC centres or by calling 1800-8663079. 2. Nomination closes on 15 March 2013. 3. Every nomination has to be submitted by a nominator. The nominee and nominator must be neighbours. 4. Neighbours (nominee and nominator) are considered as fellow residents who live within the same Constituency (Division). They should not be staying in the same household. 5. Nominees will also be assessed on the regularity of their good acts and their impact on the neighbours and community. 6. Past recipients can be re-nominated. However, past national recipients will not be considered for another national award as they had already been bestowed the highest accolade of the Good Neighbour Award. Chua Jin Ming 2011 National recipient (Student) Teo Kwang Hwee 2011 National recipient (Open) Noorziah Suparthi 2011 National recipient (Open) Sivaneswari 2011 National recipient (Student)

HDB Hub, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh

Housing And Development Board

Community Relations Group

7. Judges’ decisions are final and no enquiry or correspondence will be entertained. All recipients will be notified by email, phone call or by post, The Organisers reserve the right not to select any recipient for an award if there are no suitable nominations. 8. Good Neighbour Award national recipients will receive their prizes at a presentation ceremony.

My Good Neighbour

West Wing Level 28

Singapore 310480

1. 提名可透过登录www.hdb.gov.sg/heartlandbeat网站、填写提名表 格或直接拨电话1800-8663079 进行。提名表格可向建屋局任何分局、 民众俱乐部或居民委员会索取。 2. 提名截止日期是2013 年3月15日。 3. 每份提名表格须由一名提名者提议。受提名者和提名者必须是邻居。 4. 邻居(受提名者和提名者)是指居住在同一个选区(分区)的居民。 他们不该居住在同一个单位。 5. 受提名者的评估标准,将按他们的善举次数和对邻居与社区的影响 力作为考量。 6. 前得奖者可再受提名。但前全国性得奖者将不会被考虑角逐全国性 好邻居奖。因为他们已荣获好邻居的最高荣衔。 7. 评判的决定将是最后的决定。一切函件恕不受理。所有得奖者将透 过电邮 电话或邮件收到通知。无适当人选受提名时,主办当局有权 ` 不颁奖给任何人。 8. 全国性好邻居奖得奖者将在颁奖典礼上领取奖状。

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