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Prof. S. Pattnaik

Evolution of the HR Function
• Commodity concept • Factor of Production concept • Goodwill concept • Paternalism • Humanitarian concept • Human resource concept • Partnership concept Prof. S. Pattnaik

Other things being equal……
• Job enrichment • Promotions • Coaching • Feedback • Rewards

• Management philosophy • Culture • Empowerment • Recruitment • Selection • Training • Development

Prof. S. Pattnaik

The Bottomline
• Getting results
– The bottom line of managing

• HR creates value by engaging in activities that produce the employee behaviors the company needs to achieve its strategic goals. Prof. S. Pattnaik

The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management

D efi ni ti o n


• Strategy is deciding where to go and the means to get there. • Strategy is a declaration of intent.

Prof. S. Pattnaik

Some Organisational Strategies
Company General Electric Wal-Mart 3M
Prof. S. Pattnaik

Strategic Principle

Be number one or number two in every industry in which we compete, or get out Low prices, every day Foster innovation

Strategic Planning
There are three levels of strategic planning Corporate Strategy

Business Strategy

Business Strategy Functional Strategies

Business Strategy

Prof. S. Pattnaik

Types of Strategic Planning
• Corporate-level strategy
– Identifies the portfolio of businesses that, in total, comprise the company and the ways in which these businesses relate to each other. • Diversification strategy • Vertical integration strategy • Consolidation strategy • Geographic expansion strategy Prof. S. Pattnaik

Types of Strategic Planning (cont’d) • Business-level/competitive strategy – Identifies how to build and strengthen the business’s long-term competitive position in the marketplace. • Cost leadership • Differentiation • Focus

Prof. S. Pattnaik

Types of Strategic Planning...

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