Varous Services Provided by Hdfc Bank

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Chapter 1 Introduction 1 Chapter 2 Objective 8 Chapter 3 Various product offered by HDFC Bank 9 i. Savings Account 13 ii. Loans 40 iii. Credit Cards 43 iv. Private Banking 73 v. E-Age Banking 78 vi. Debit Card 85 vii. Value Added Services 89 Chapter 4 Research Methodology 91 Chapter 5 Data Analysis 93 Chapter 6 Suggestion and Recommendation 102 Chapter 7 Conclusion 103 Chapter 8 Bibliography 104

About – HDFC Bank Limited, India
The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive an ‘in-principle’ approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of the RBI’s liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994. The bank was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of ‘HDFC’ Bank Limited’, with its registered office in Mumbai, India. HDFC Bank commenced operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995. Promoter

HDFC is India’s premier housing finance company and enjoys an impeccable track record in India as well as in international markets. Since its inception in 1977, the Corporation has maintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations to remain a market leader in mortgages. Its outstanding loan portfolio covers well over a million dwelling units. HDFC has developed significant expertise in retail mortgage loans to different market segments and also has a large corporate client base for its housing related credit facilities. With its experience in the financial markets, a strong market reputation, large shareholder base and unique consumer franchise, HDFC was ideally positioned to promote a bank in the Indian environment. Business Focus

HDFC Bank’s mission is to be a World-Class Indian Private Sector Bank. The Bank’s aim is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be the preferred provider of banking services in the segments that the bank operates in and to achieve healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the bank’s risk appetite. The bank is committed to maintain the highest level of ethical standards, professional integrity and regulatory compliance. HDFC Bank’s business philosophy is based on four core values: Operational Excellence, Customer Focus, Product Leadership and People. Capital Structure

The authorized capital of HDFC Bank is Rs.450 crore (Rs.45 billion). The paid-up capital is Rs.282 crore (Rs.28.2 billion). The HDFC Group holds 24.2% of the bank’s equity while about 13.1% of the equity is held by the depository in respect of the bank’s issue of American Depository Shares (ADS/ADR Issue). The Indian Private Equity Fund, Mauritius (IPEF) and Indocean Financial Holding Ltd., Mauritius (IFHL) (both funds advised by JP Morgan Partners, formerly Chase Capital Partners) together hold about 5.5% of the...
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