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Topics: Education, Kinesthetic learning, Learning Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: February 10, 2013
VARK Learning Assessment
Robert W Lewis
Grand Canyon University NRS-429V
February 2, 2013

None of us learn the same way; if we did we would only need one textbook per subject, with one approach to delivering the subject matter. Fortunately, academia has recognized differences in learning styles and has endeavored to create different approaches to make the educational experience both interesting and efficient. Fleming and Mills’ (1992) published the first use of the V.A.R.K. Learning assessment. Their goal was to establish a repeatable method for determining an individual students learning style and to provide strategies to the individual student to tailor their study habits to maximize their learning. The V.A.R.K assessment measures for areas of learning type, which include: * Visual learners, those who perform best when allowed to view the material; * Auditory learners, those who are best benefited by lecture material; * Reading, individuals who assimilate data in a written form; and * Kinesthetic learners, people who learn best by doing.

The assessment has 16 questions with four options per question; the subject is encouraged to check multiple selections that best fit the situation described in the test (Fleming, 1995). The answers are then collated and scored and a learning style is determined. The assessment is accompanied by brief teaching sheets which address the various learning styles. Learning Style Summary

Taking the V.A.R.K questionnaire is the first step in using the information to determine a particular learning style. Upon completing the questionnaire, results showed that a multimodal style of learning was the most applicable to me. A closer review of the results showed there were higher scores in the written and visual areas and significantly lower scores in the auditory and kinesthetic areas. Preferred Learning Strategies

Over time, methods of dress, modes of speech and learning styles mature and change. As a young...
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