Vark Paper

Topics: Learning, Education, Knowledge Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 11, 2013
VARK Analysis Paper
Juliana Ugwuibe
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V
April 07, 2013

Learning is act or experience of one that learns; knowledge of skill acquired by instruction or study. Learning styles differ from person to person. People learn and process information differently. Learning cannot be completed until individual can demonstrate or reproduce the knowledge gained from school, observance and individual self study. One learning style that may be enjoying to a particular student may not be appealing to another student. To retain knowledge depends on how student comprehend and process the information. In order for one to be successful, he must be processed, comprehend, and retain what he has learned. This paper deals with VARK learning analysis quiz and learning styles as well as the implications of understanding one’s learning style. VARK is an acronym for visual, auditory, writing, reading, and kinesthetic. It was designed by Neil Fleming and Colleen Mills to help students and the users to find out their individual learning style. The VARK four modalities help the students to examine their preferable learning styles, which can help improve study time as well as students grades (Fleming &Mills, 2011). Some may found out that they score the same on more than two or three of the categories, making them multimodal learners. The visual learners are those who learn best using visual aids such as graphs, pictures, maps, diagrams, and flow chart, Labeled diagrams, that people use to represent what could have been presented in words (Fleming & Mills, 2011). “Visual learners prefer to see what they are learning” (Russell, 2006,pg 352.) It is amazing to found out that pictures, photographs, movies, videos, and PowerPoint presentations are not regarded as visual tools for tutoring visual learners. Auditory learners learn best hearing spoken words such as group discussion, radio, email, phone, speaking, web-chat and talking things...
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