Vark Paper

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VARK Analysis Paper

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February 15, 2012

VARK Analysis Paper
There are numerous methods used to determine learning styles. According to Zhou (2011), learning strategies are described as “ any sets of operations, steps, plans, routines used by the learner to facilitate the obtaining, storage, retrieval and use of information” (p, 10). VARK model is one of the most commonly used learning styles. It was developed by Neil Fleming in the year 1987. VARK is a questioner tool can assist people to improve their learning skill and the communication ability. More over it saves time. It helps students who experienced difficulty in learning in the past. “A learning style is, rather, a description of a process, or of preferences. Any inventory that encourages a learner to think about the way that he or she learns is a useful step towards understanding, and hence improving, learning” (Fleming, N., & Baume, D., 2006, p.4). VARK classify the learning styles in to visual, auditory, reading, writing, kinesthetic and multi-model. This model emphasis on the best way for a student to learn and recollect new information based on sensory modality. VARK learning style inventory is brief and less time consuming. Multimodal Learning

Once the individual get an idea regarding their learning style it would help them to focus, process, recollect and absorb complex and new information. A recent study has found that approximately 60% of any population is multi-model learners (, 2011). A multimodal study approach is a technique used when an individual have more than one preference that is distinct. Multimodal learning preferences offer us varieties of approaches to use for our learning and for our...
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