Vark Learning Style Analysis

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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VARK Learning Style Analysis
Kathleen Nash
Grand Canyon University
NRS-429V, Family Centered Health Promotion
July 22, 2012

VARK Learning Style Analysis
The VARK learning preference tool provides individuals with information that they can utilize to enhance their learning process by helping them to study more effectively and efficiently. The VARK tool consists of a questionnaire that the learner takes to identify which senses the individual uses to capture and process information, and serves as a guide to assist the individual to improve their learning by providing a summary of their preferred learning style. The VARK questionnaire contains 16 questions that identify four sensory modalities of learning: Visual, Aural/Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. This student was unaware of her preferred learning style preference and according to (Rogers, 2009) most people do not know their learning style preference. This paper will analyze VARK, and will identify and demonstrate and learning strategies specific to this student to appraise any changes needed in her study habits. After completing the VARK Questionnaire, it was identified that I had a very strong read/write learning preference. The read/write style of learning emphasizes written input and output of capturing and processing information. The results of the questionnaire suggest that this author prefers a unimodal learning style since no other learning preference outcome was identified as being close to the reading/writing preference. According to research by (Fleming, 2009), learning preferences have been increasingly identified as unimodal, however in contrasting findings, (Bernardes & Hanna, 2009) found that multiple modality learning was the most prominent learning style, as identified in 86.1% of their female study participants. The preferences for learning in the read/write style incorporate materials displayed as words. Written input...
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