Vark: Education and Learner

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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The VARK questionnaire was developed by Neil Fleming to help students identify their own personal learning style to better understand what works best for them during their educational experience (Sinclaire, 2012). The following is this learner’s analysis results after answering all the questions required. The VARK resulted with an answer of multimodal. This includes the four identified styles in which an individual bases their learning from. The style types include visual with a score of 8 for this learner. The second style is aural with a score of 10. The third style includes reading and writing with a score of 12. The final style is kinesthetic with a score of 10 ( According to Fleming, multimodal learning styles is how most students prefer to learn ( It is agreeable by this learner that multimodal is most beneficial to get the most from a learning and educational experience. While all four styles scored fairly closely, the reading and writing scored the highest. Based on this learner’s experience this would include making lists, writing notes, reading them over repeatedly, utilizing textbooks and handouts, using diagrams and charts as well as practicing test questions. Aural and kinesthetic scored evenly. This learner would have to agree that both are equally important. Aural includes attending classes including lectures and discussions. For this learner this was easily recognized and is why a ground class was chosen over an online class. This learner needs structure and support from fellow students as well as instructors with face to face feedback. This learner thrives and learns best from others and their experiences through debated discussions. Each student brings a wealth of ideas through their own experiences, educational background and knowledge. Group discussions are an excellent way for students and the instructor to share and learn from each other. The kinesthetic style would be this learner’s...
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