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Topics: Learning, Learning styles, Books Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Based on the online experiment of VARK Question, I was placed in multimodal learning (VARK) preferences. It means that I have a habit combine different learning styles in doing research in a unique way. I also have strong ability in Kinesthetic. I really like to do whatever by myself by action. For instance, if I want to find a way to go to my destination, I would prefer to find out by using GPS and drive by myself. So I can remember clearly about it. Oppositely I can’t remember what someone told me or show me the direction. And in studying, I have different learning styles for different types of learning.

Taking notes is a significant skill not only for studying but also some kind of career. When a professor has a speech about the lesson, they transmit the knowledge quite fast. And the student have to remember what they said, and write down on a small piece of paper. But it’s just a main idea or the key word which can remind them the whole idea in the lesson. I usually take notes as well, but sometimes I used a different way to write down like drawing a map or an image that can modify the idea in order to use the character or word to describe. I prefer to have an electronic book which is recorded by someone than reading by my own. So that it‘s very easy to hear what is indicated in the book. But sometimes it‘s not a very effective way to learn something. Actually, we don’t have many books like that most of the books required for my study is a textbook. When I first read a new textbook, I often take a look over the cover page, a quick look on some pages, and the list of chapters including in the book. I really interested in images, and what is the most attractive to my eyes. After that with a sample lesson, at first I read the title, and the topic sentences of each section to catch up the main idea of the lesson. Then I keep going to find out what is indicated in each section. I pay more attention to what is typed in Italic or Bold font or in the square...
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