Vark Assessment

Topics: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Formal Paper: VARK Learning Style

Baromie F. Koroma
Grand Canyon University
NRS-429V: Family Centered Health Promotion Professor: JenniferWood

It is known that every individual in a scholastic setting has a different way of comprehending or taking in information, an exercise that is symbolized by their exclusive learning style. With one realizing their own learning style will not only convey which courses or subjects they are competent at, however will also enlighten them of the greatest active way of learning and reading for the areas of any subject. In 1987, Neil Fleming designed the VARK learning style assessment which is a questionnaire that has questions that which answered by a person will lead to four scores that gives up to five study strategies which are: Visual, Aural, Reading/write, and Kinesthetic (Fleming,2011). The way in which these scores add up informs a person where they fall within the five areas of learning strategies which is crucial to the education of every individual. This paper will elaborate in enormous fragment multimodal as the author took the VARK assessment and realized she is a multimodal learner. It will also compare and contrast preferred learning strategies with the VARK learning strategies and appraises any changes needed to improve study habits.

The author use to think that she learn best from reading and writing of every bit of information, but after taking the VARK assessment she realized that she is a multimodal with scores of visual 6 , aural/auditory 4 , reading/write 9 and Kinesthetic 8.This means that the author requires two or more methods of learning to be an effective learner. Context approach learners and the whole sense approach learners are the two types of a multimodal learner. The context approach is used if an individual has 0ne, two or more solo preferences to learning and using those independently based on the situation (Learning...
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