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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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The VARK Questionnaire is a great tool to use when deciding what one’s best learning strategy is. There is no wrong way to learn, only what works best. This paper will focus on multimodal study strategies and how other learning strategies compare. Summary of Multimodal Learning

There are many different study strategies out there. According to VARK, the main study strategies include: Aural, Kinesthetic, Visual, Read/Write and Multimodal. In this case, multimodal will refer to using both visual and read/write study strategies. If one has many different ways they like to study they fit in to the multimodal category. “Approximately 60% of any population fits (this) category” (Fleming, 2001). Multimodal simply means that one utilizes more than one study strategy in order to learn certain subjects and/or material. Preferred Learning Strategies

Visual learners prefer pictures, diagrams, graphs, flow charts, etc. For example, Jason wanted to score well on his exam. He used pictures and graphs he learned about in class, re-drew them repeatedly how he saw them, and chose the correct answer on the exam. Neil Fleming, the author of VARK Questionnaire, stated that one is “often swayed by the way something looks…and is interested in color and layout and design and you know where you are in your environment” (Fleming, 2001). For example, note cards used would be color-coded.

Read/write study strategies focus on lists and words. Jason and others that think this way believe that “meanings are within the words” (Fleming, 2001). Jason, in this case, would utilize handouts, dictionaries, textbooks, and notes for studying. After reading these things through, Jason would then convert them into a way that was easy for him to understand. Diagrams, charts, and graphs would be turned into words and the meaning of the text would become much easier to understand. These words would then be written down on note cards to make for an easier and more efficient way of studying.
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