Vark Analysis

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Reading and Writing Learning Preference
Crystal D. Lynch
Grand Canyon University
NRS 429V
November 11, 2012

Learning Style
After completing the Vark questionnaire, this author showed a strong preference for learning by reading and writing. In the reading and writing learning preference, this preference is for information displayed as words (Fleming, 2001). Many students and teachers show a high preference toward this type of style. The ability to write, and read well are attributes widely sought by employers of recent graduates. In this learning style, emphasis is on text based input and output, using all forms of material especially manuals, reports, essays and textbooks (Fleming, 2001). People who prefer this model spend hours on the internet, gravitating toward power point presentations over audio presentation. In defining the reading and writing learning strategy, the author identified that the reading and writing learning model uses intake of material in a text-based format. It uses lists, headings, dictionaries, handouts and textbooks as the prime source of intake material. Notes taken during lecture and manuals are also used as a source. When preparing to study, rewriting notes taken during lecture, and reading notes over and over, either out loud or silently, are some strategies used in this type of learning style. When preparing for test assignments or exams, taking practice exams with multiple choice questions is often helpful for students with the preference for the reading and writing learning style.

In comparing, this authors’ preferred learning strategy to the identified strategies already in place, the model is actuate with only a few slight differences noted. This author finds it extremely helpful to use handouts, textbooks, and lecture notes as reference material when studying. Rewriting lecture notes, after class, has also been very beneficial for this author, as well as taking practice exams with multiple choice...
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