Topics: Multiple choice, Learning styles, Education Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: April 25, 2013
According to the Vark Questionnaire, my learning style or preference is Read/Write. Read/Write states that people who prefer this method uses lists, headings, textbooks, verbatim notes, manuals, dictionaries, and handouts, to name a few, to aid in learning. It also states that they may read their notes repetitively to themselves and also put ideas and principles into their own words. It also explains that they convert diagrams and charts into their own words as well as actions and reactions. It states that they may condense notes into a 3:1 ratio, and also think of the information in multiple choice form. For exam purposes it states that they learn by writing exam answers, and practicing with multiple choice questions. It further states that a person of this style compiles information into lists and write paragraphs with beginnings and endings and also compile words into points. (Fleming, 2001-2011)

I believe my preferred learning strategies are Aural as well. Vark states the Aural learning strategies are to attend classes, discussions, use a tape recorder, etc and then discuss and explain new ideas with others. With the information learned Aural learners will remember jokes, stories, and examples. It states that the aural learner is willing to go over any information with others who did not attend the discussions. With the information attained the aural leaner will condense notes into a 3:1 ratio. Notes may be poor since their strength is listening not writing, and then notes will be converted to a recording. This type of learner will want to read notes aloud and ask others if they in fact understand the topic learned, then explain what is learned to others. When taking a test or doing an assignment the Aural learner prefers quiet places to recall information and speak information aloud or in their head, then write the information down.(Fleming, 2001-2011)

My preferred learning strategies not listed by Vark, are from the Aural learning style, are...
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