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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Running head: VARK ANALYSIS

Vark Analysis

Grand Canyon University
Family centered health promotion
NRS: 429

July 10, 2012

Vark Analysis
The Vark analysis is a learning assessment questionnaire that helps one identify their learning strategies. The Vark analysis tool helps establish which method of learning is most effective for each individual person’s learning abilities. This learning assessment has been proven to be a useful tool in ones understanding of where they are efficient and deficient in each person’s studying habits and learning approaches. The Vark questionnaire was designed by a teacher named Neil Fleming in 1987. This questionnaire entails sixteen questions with multiple-choice answers. Based upon completion of the questionnaire, the Vark analysis gives the person a number score and categorizes their results according to their specific learning strategies. Once a person becomes aware of their learning styles they are able to learn more effectively. According to the Vark questionnaire there are five different ways in which a person learns. May it be through visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic or multimodal approaches. Visual learning is through pictures, photographs, and charts. Auditory learning style is through listening to what is being said. The reading and writing learning approach can be used through taking notes accurately and reading them over and over again. Kinesthetic learning can be used through ones own experience and practice. The last approach being multimodal, which is the more flexible learning style. Multimodal students can change their learning skills according to their surroundings and are able to adapt to different learning strategies. Up to sixty percent of the population fits into the multimodal-learning category (Fleming, 2011). The individual tried many methods in the past for learning material. Before taking the questionnaire, one never really thought about their learning strategies....
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