Various Types of Microphones

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Various Types of Microphones
A microphone, also known a mic, is an acoustic to electric sensor that converts sound into an electric signal. Many applications use microphones such as telephones, tape recorders, karaoke systems, hearing aids, motion picture productions, megaphones, tv, radio, computers and so forth. The purpose of this paper is to inform you on the various types of microphones and their uses. Wireless Microphones

The latest and most popular microphone today is the wireless microphone. Wireless microphones are widely used for recording and broadcasting sounds. These are portable microphones that can be connected to cameras, recorders, or speakers without the use of cables. There are three components that work together in this system to create and transmit a signal to the place where it is recorded and amplified. First, you have the actual microphone itself, which is a very petite clip fixed either around the ear or in the lapel. Second is the transmitter that converts the audio signal to a signal in either the FM, VHF, or UHF bands of the radio spectrum. Lastly is the antenna, which broadcasts the produced signal to a short distance. Various kinds of shows such as television shows, stage shows, or shows by bands use these microphones. The most obvious benefit of using a wireless microphone is the complete freedom of movement and there is no possibility of getting tangled up in your own microphone cable. Even though this is very convenient the potential downsides of using wireless microphones are radio interference from other transmitters such as taxis and other wireless microphones operating on the same or nearby frequency, loss of signal due to too great a distance between the transmitter and receiver or phase cancellation of the radio wave as it bounces off the surfaces, then of course power failure if the batteries die. Dynamic Microphones

The next microphone I will be discussing is the dynamic microphone. This microphone is a very cheap...
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