Various Steps of Pmil Planning

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* Discuss the various steps of PMIS planning?
Based on the above requirements the consultants developed five modules for assisting the project management team to improve the quality of the information used in management planning, control and reporting. 1. Project Performance Indicator Tracking System

The project managers are required to report to the World Bank the status of each Performance Indicator from the project's Hierarchy of Objectives and management actions taken towards their achievement. As the report has a column on comments by the project manager on the status of each indicator, the project manager had to devote considerable time in the production of this report. 2. Procurement Planning and Monitoring System (PPMS)

Procurement is a major part of the project activities. The procurement activity involves a number of discrete steps to be followed in sequence leading from development of specifications through bidding to contract signing with the suppliers who win the bid. The acquisition of goods and services essential to the implementation of the project will be delayed if the timetable of events is not followed. 3. Disbursement Planning and Tracking System (DPTS)

With the recent introduction of the Loan Administration Change Initiative (LACI), project management units of World Bank supported projects have to furnish the Bank with accounting reports in a specified format. The tables in these reports require listing disbursements made in each quarter and the forecast of payments for the following quarter. 4. Procurement Activity Tracking System (PATS)

Apart from the major contracts for the building of new schools and the major consultancies, each project management unit also undertakes a number of relatively small contracts for furnishing the new schools and for purchasing school supplies. These shopping activities include the following steps: Finalizing the initial specifications; contacting suppliers for price quotations; negotiating...
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